Writing About News


News is anything that happens, anything that gets attention and has importance. It can be exciting, dramatic, or a bit of both, but it must have meaning and relevance to the audience you are writing for.

The people who decide what is news in a particular media medium are called editors, or news directors, or news managers. They look for stories that fit their organization’s values and priorities, and they make decisions about which ones will appear in their newspapers, on the TV news line-up, or on their web site.

It’s Important to Write About Recent Events

Usually, something that happened recently will be of more interest to readers than something that occurred a week ago. So if you write a newspaper story, it’s better to find a current story, rather than one that took place last month.

It’s Also Important to Write About Popular Topics

Whether you’re writing for a magazine, a newspaper, or a web site, your articles should include topics that interest your audience. This may include topics like politics, business, sports, health, and sex.

It’s also important to write about topics that haven’t been discussed much before, or are interesting because they’re new. This could be a subject like politics, or a new sport or hobby.

If you want your articles to be popular, you’ll need to give your readers the information they need as quickly as possible. It’s also good to include facts and quotes from other sources, and you’ll need to detail events in chronological order.

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