What Makes News?


News is something that happens to the world around us. It is something that is relevant and happening now or it is the latest information about an event that happened in the past.

The elements that make an event or situation news are: controversy, currency and emotion. Controversy: If an issue or situation is connected with conflicts, arguments, charges and counter-charges, fights and tension it makes news because people are interested in that kind of things.

Prominence: If an important person is involved in an event it becomes news because people are interested in their lives.

Oddity: If something unusual or unexpected happens it makes news because it is extraordinary and surprising.

Emotion: If someone is hurt or emotionally affected by an event it makes news because people are interested in those kinds of things.

Currency: The things that are happening now or the new information about what is happening in the world around us make up news.

It is a good idea to tune in to different kinds of media to get a full range of how stories are being told. This practice will also give you a better understanding of how people perceive the world. You might even find that you have a different opinion on how the world works!

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