What Is Technology?


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge in practical situations. It increases the utility of products and services and contributes to value creation. It affects everyone on the planet and is a necessity in most societies. The world wouldn’t be the way it is today without technology. It is a tool that helps people achieve their dreams and goals in life. It also helps people to generate more income as it reduces the time required for work and enhances the productivity of human resources.

Modern technological systems are often complex and require extensive training to use. They may contribute to human welfare through economic growth, improved comfort and quality of life, medical progress and other benefits, but they can also lead to social hierarchies, environmental damage and harm to individuals and groups. Engineers must weigh all these factors when deciding whether to develop a particular technological system.

Incremental technology is a type of technology that focuses on making smaller innovations that lead to significant improvement of the product. For instance, upgrading the versions of operating systems, releasing security patches or adding new features to a software are examples of incremental technology.

Digital technology is the use of electronic devices to store, transmit and manipulate information. These include computers, mobile phones, HiFi’s and other gadgets that make our lives easier. This technology has made communication much simpler and can even break barriers such as language, culture, etc. It has enabled people to open up businesses, pursue their art dreams and become famous.

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