What Is Technology?


Technology is a set of knowledge, skills, processes, techniques and tools that human beings have used to achieve practical goals. These can be physical items (such as utensils or machines), or intangible ones (such as software).

In general, technology involves an ongoing attempt to bring the world closer to the way one wishes it to be. It also involves an ongoing decision-making process that determines what problems count as a problem and what paths to take towards an end would best help solve those problems.

As such, it is often more useful to think of technology as a path to an end, rather than a solution to a problem. Moreover, because a technology must efficiently route people’s finite energy and attention, it implicitly endorses certain routes above others.

Streamlining workflows and processes with business applications

Businesses can improve productivity by using computer programs that automate repetitive tasks. This decreases employee workload and frees up time to focus on more profitable activities.

Educating students with technology

Education has been revolutionized by the use of computers, smartphones, and other devices. Teachers can create interactive lessons that engage students in the curriculum. They can even live-stream videos to help students gain a better understanding of a specific topic or concept.

Developing digital citizenship

Schools should establish rules and procedures for the use of technology in the classroom. These should include rules about device ownership, the consequences of breaking those rules, and how to report a misuse issue.

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