What Is News?


News is a term that has been used for hundreds of years to describe proclamations or announcements made by government officials. Today, the news has a variety of forms, including newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet. The purpose of the media is to inform, educate, and entertain.

Depending on the society in which the news is being delivered, the content of the news can vary. In the U.S., for instance, the local news might be more about the latest weather conditions or crime.

Other countries may have news stories about a crime committed in their own country. But the dog biting its owner might not make the cut.

It’s also possible to make a news story about a discovery of an insect. While this is not the most exciting news, it could be a big news if you happen to be a specialist in this field.

The assassination of Mrs Gandhi is not a new story, but it certainly is a major news event. However, it is not as significant as a news story about a scientific discovery of an insect that has the potential to change our lives forever.

A coup d’etat in your own country is a much bigger news event. However, it is unlikely to merit many paragraphs in your local newspaper.

For instance, a ten-year-old boy eating a banana would not be a news story, but a 90-year-old man taking a bus would.

Likewise, a news story about the invention of a new type of car might not be news. On the other hand, the invention of a new car is probably one of the most important developments of our time.

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