What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a way of dressing and an ever-evolving art form. It can reflect the lifestyle, beliefs, values and attitudes of a society. It can also help a person to earn respect from others. Different societies, cultures and entities have different tastes in clothing and hence they follow certain styles that are in trend for a particular period. Fashions not only include clothes but jewellery, shoes and bags and many other things as well.

Fashions not only change with time but they can also re-appear in a new form. For instance, a dress may be out of fashion but due to the same kind of material it may reappear in a new form like a coat. Also, a dress may have several different variations in terms of trimmings and textures etc that are called designs.

A fashion can also be influenced by social or significant historical events. For example, the Covid pandemic has caused a change in the fashion industry as people are becoming more mindful of the need to wear clothes that do not irritate the skin.

Generally, a fashion is defined by a very small aesthetic elite such as fashion houses and haute couture. A style can be created and popularised by these individuals as they have access to exclusive information about new trends. Moreover, the media plays an important role in promoting new fashions. For example, a fashion show or a photo of a celebrity wearing a certain outfit can quickly become a new trend.

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