What is Entertaiment?


About Entertaiment

Something that gives you pleasure and amusement. Entertainment often hits on themes that the human brain was evolved to deeply react to, wich can stimulate seratonin and dopamine production in your brain and give you a good feeling. It can be reading a book, watching tv or movies or playing video games. It could also be a live performance, like a play or a dance. It can also be something that is considered art, such as painting or sculpture.

Where does the word Entertaiment come from?

Middle English, from Old French entretenement, derived from the Latin inter-tenere “hold together,” “support” (from inter-) + tenir “to hold” (from tenere, from PIE root *ten- “to stretch,” from Latin tenere “to stretch out”). A common suffix of Latin origin used with verb stems to form nouns denoting the effect or result of an action (as amazement, betterment, merriment, etc.) Introduced into English from French in the late 15c.

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