Reduce Your Risk of Harm From Gambling

Gambling involves staking something of value on an uncertain event with the intention of winning something else of value. It can involve anything from betting on a lottery ticket with little money to sophisticated casino gambling by the wealthy. It can cause financial harm (as it can impoverish families, lead to blackmail and contribute to homelessness), and social harm as it leads to poor performance at work or study and trouble in relationships. It can also lead to health problems.

People often underestimate how much they spend on gambling or the harms it causes. They may hide their gambling habits and lie to friends and family about it. They may start to borrow to cover their gambling debts. They can even become homeless or die as a result of problem gambling. It is estimated that over half of the UK population takes part in some form of gambling. For some this is a harmless and enjoyable activity but for others it can be harmful, impacting on their mental or physical health, their family, their job, study and social life and causing serious debt.

There are ways to reduce your risk of harm from gambling. Start by setting yourself a budget for your gambling. Be clear about how much you are willing to lose, and only gamble with that amount of money. Never chase your losses thinking that you are due for a win, as this will only increase your loss. If you are going to a casino, try to only bring cash with you and remove your credit or debit card information from the ‘autofill’ function on your phone, laptop etc.

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