How to Write News


News is about events that have just happened, or will soon happen. It can be seen on TV, printed in newspapers or read online, heard over the radio or yelled across a classroom. News is important because it tells us what is happening in the world, locally and nationally. It may also tell us about natural disasters, or political events. It is important to have the latest news so we can make informed decisions.

When writing news, it is important to keep in mind that the information must be current, interesting and significant. The more of these factors the article has, the better it is. News stories should be factually accurate, and it is best to get the facts directly from the source. This can be done by interviewing the subject of the story, or using quotes from a public statement. It is generally inappropriate to inject your own opinion into a news article.

A good news story begins with an exciting, attention grabbing headline. This is called the lede in journalism jargon. It is important to include a lot of detail in the headline, because it will be read first. Then the reader will want to continue reading the rest of the article. News articles are written bottom down, so the most important information is at the top of the article. It is also important to use active voice rather than passive voice, and to avoid too many adjectives – ‘excellent’ is not needed, ’very interesting’ is better.

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