Business Services and Service Design

Business services are the activities that support a company without producing a physical product. These services are a vital part of a company’s operations and help them accomplish their trade goals. They are used in banking, warehousing, marketing, inter-departmental communication and many more.

Service Design

Business service companies must develop an offering that meets customers’ expectations. They must provide convenience, friendly interaction and good value for their money.

These companies also must be able to deliver those services effectively and efficiently. This requires a different approach from the one used by product companies.

They must focus on four critical aspects of service design: identifying customer needs, designing an attractive offering, delivering the service and managing the business.

Identifying Needs:

Often, the most difficult challenge in developing a service business is determining what customers need. This is especially true in markets with a high degree of competition.

In order to identify needs, managers must understand the underlying motivations that drive buyers. They must know what drives them to buy products and services, as well as the characteristics of the best competitors’ offerings.

Designers must also consider what makes the service attractive to buyers, including its price point, quality and features. These elements can be reflected in a brand’s logo, marketing materials and website.

Ultimately, successful business service companies have a working plan that incorporates all of these aspects of service design. They must get them all right or risk pulling the whole business apart.

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