Business Services

About Business services

The Business Services sector includes a broad range of industries that provide support functions to other businesses and enterprises. The sector consists of industries such as information technology (IT), procurement and shipping, and finance. The industry also encompasses such activities as advertising, marketing, and consulting. It is a key contributor to economic growth and competitiveness around the globe. Business services enhance operational efficiency, provide specialized expertise, and foster innovation. They help companies to outsource noncore functions and concentrate on their core competencies. By doing so, they can focus on their strategic objectives and improve performance and productivity.

Unlike goods, business services are intangible and have no physical form. Moreover, service production and consumption occur at the same time, which makes them different from goods or commodities. Business services are a subset of the service-providing industries supersector group.

To create a Business Service, navigate to Services > Business Services and select New Business Service. Name the service and add a description. Then, choose a Team (only available on the Business, Enterprise for Incident Management and Digital Operations (legacy) plans) that will manage this service. You can also assign a severity level to this business service. This setting will affect how incidents affecting this service are prioritized and displayed in the status dashboard. This will also affect how the service is modeled in the Service Catalog or CMDB. In addition, you can use this service to model capabilities that span multiple technical services and may be owned by different teams.

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