Automobiles are a kind of self-propelled passenger vehicle usually having four wheels & an internal combustion engine used for land transport. The branch of engineering which deals with the manufacture and technologies of automotive vehicles is automobile engineering.

A motorcar consists of an engine which provides the power to drive the vehicle, a gearbox which controls the speed and torque of the wheels, and a clutch which allows for the transmission of motion between two shafts without the use of the brakes. The engine is usually fuelled with either gasoline or electricity, and the amount of energy sent to the wheels is called the power of the motor.

Cars are a convenient mode of transportation for both passengers and goods, especially when traveling long distances. They are faster than walking or riding a bicycle, and they can carry more people and luggage. They are also more convenient for travel in areas where public transport is unavailable or not reliable.

They are safer and easier to operate than other forms of wheeled transportation such as buses, trains or bicycles. They are particularly useful in remote locations where other modes of transportation cannot go, such as off-road or over rough terrain.

The history of the automobile is a rich one, with a number of inventors who contributed to its development. Earlier accounts often gave credit to Karl Benz from Germany for creating the first true automobile in 1885/1886, but recent research has uncovered several other figures who played a significant role in its history.

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